Friday, April 30, 2010

The cutest Lil' Gerber baby ever :)

Omgsh, I think I just met the future "Gerber baby". 6 month old Mr. "C" had me wrapped right around his chubby little finger from the moment I saw his HUGE GORGEOUS blue eyes and adorable cheeks. And when he smiled at me........Ahhhhhhhh, he melted every ounce of my heart :) You'd never know it by looking at these images that he was cutting teeth and was pretty miserable for our session :( (always breaks my heart when these sweet little Angels are in pain). I know his Mama left our session feeling pretty defeated, but I reassured her that despite Mr. "C"'s moment of tears, I was very confident that we captured some really great shots. I hope she'll agree when she sees these gorgeous images of her sweet little boy :) It was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. "B". I'll be in touch in about 2 weeks with the rest of your beautiful portraits. Have a blessed weekend. Hope your lil' man is feeling great today!!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

7 month old Fashion Diva :)

Meet 7 month old Miss "J", full of life, love and absolute bliss. She was the happiest baby ever and her parents are just smitten with her (then again, so was I). I LOVED the hats her Mama brought and could not get enough of her sweet little face :) The only problem during the entire session was getting her adorable yellow polka dot dress off of her. Her little arms were stuck, so her Mama had to CUT (yes cut) the dress off of her :( Such a shame, but at least we got some great shots of her wearing it......not to mention, I think it'll make for an adorable halter dress for the hot summer days ahead. It was SO wonderful spending the morning with such an amazing family. Enjoy your sneak peek Mr. & Mrs. "K". Have a blessed weekend.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SO Peacful.......SO incredibly Precious!!!

What a blessing this little Angel is not only to his own family, but to me as well. As always, I feel so blessed and SO honored that wonderful/amazing families trust ME to capture these fleeting/most cherished moments in their precious newborns lives :) Meet 13 day old Mr. "N" and his 2 year old big brother, Mr. "D" (who I also have had pleasure of photographing since he was 10 days old). How precious these two little boys are. Their Mommy asked me if I ever get the "baby itch" while I photograph newborns.......Every second of every day I do....and these images prove exactly why. Enjoy your sneak peek, Mr. & Mrs. "P". It was such a pleasure spending the morning with you & your beautiful family.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sarcoma~It happened to MY family :(

Everyone who has dealt with sarcoma knows a hero or two. Heroes support, encourage and inspire us in extraordinary ways. Just when we need them most, they are there. They challenge us, comfort us, and give us hope.

The Team Sarcoma Everyday Heroes competition invites you to tell us about your hero. Entries will be published at the Team Sarcoma website, and three winning submissions will be chosen. A donation will be made to sarcoma research in honor of each winner’s hero, and each winner will choose which type of research their prize will fund.

Please spread the word about this competition within the sarcoma community. The deadline for submissions is June 1, and everyone who has been touched by sarcoma is invited to participate.

Visit and click on “Tell us about your hero!”.