Thursday, July 31, 2014

Detroit Metro/South East Michigan/Senior Photographer/Mollie

WOW, was this the most exciting shoot I've ever been on! Sunshine, followed by a thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, which left us hovering under a tree with the rain and thunder pounding all around, followed by beautiful light (with lightening in the background), finished off with a lovely rainbow as we were wrapping up. As you can see, Mollie is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and was the perfect person for all the elements above!! Thank you Mollie & Su for the FANTASTIC, FUN and exciting shoot tonight!!! I've forever cherish our laughs (as well as, all the hootin' and hollerin' we did ) Mollie my dear, I'll say it again, you are such a BEAUTIFUL young woman (both inside and out). I cannot wait to show you the rest of your gorgeous images we created together :)
This is what we do when we get caught under a tree in a thunderstorm. *No big deal* ;)