Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In honor of my own LOVING, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING & VERY SPECIAL Mom (my Heavenly Angel), I want to show my appreciation to all of you hard working Mom's out there by creating a fun and totally FREE contest with the winning Mom receiving a 100% FREE portrait session (immediate family only), a complimentary Gift Portrait, plus 30% off all gift & wall portaits. And because I think EVERY Mom is special and should be rewarded for all that they do, all runner ups will receive a complimentary gift portrait (to be used toward a future portrait session before July 1, 2011) as a special thank you for entering our contest :)

It's simple to enter. Email your favorite picture of you and your own Mom or your kids and their Mom or your daughter and her kids or you, your kids & your own Mom (etc.) to ntang@wideopenwest.com no later than Tuesday, April 5, 2011. *By entering you allow Serendipity Photography LLC to use your submitted photo on Facebook and http://www.serendipityphotographyllc.blogspot.com/.

Here are a few "Rules & Regulations:
* I must have a minimum of 10 total Mom entries in order to hold this contest*

* NO professional or watermarked images allowed. *Portrait must be of a Special Mom and her own kids (or grandkids).
* Only one image may be submitted of your special Mom.
* Due to confidentiality issues, make sure your Mom contestant is ok with you participating in this contest & submitting a picture of her. (Dad's please don't forget to get approval of the picture you're submitting.......I'm sure she wouldn't be thrilled with the one you took when she just got out of bed :) )
* Optional: please give the first name of your special Mom & a short statement explaining what she means to you.
* All entries must be local (or willing to drive to Trenton if they win). The portrait session will take place in my studio in Trenton, Michigan (or at a local park) within 6 months from the conclusion of this contest.

* To vote, you must first "Like" Serendipity Photography LLC facebook page http://www.facebook.com/note.phpsaved&¬e_id=191482827544904&id=151794942802#!/pages/Serendipity-Photography-LLC/151794942802 and then "Like" the image you're voting on.

How this contest will work:

All entries must be received NO LATER than Tuesday, April 5, 2011 and the contest will run from Monday, April 11th through Friday, April 15, 2011 @ 9:00 p.m.. All portrait entries (and statements) will be placed in an online portrait gallery titled "My AMAZING Mom" on my facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Serendipity-PhotographyLLC/151794942802 To vote, you need to first "LIKE" Serendipity Photography LLC Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Serendipity-PhotographyLLC/151794942802 and then "LIKE" the image you wish to vote for. You may vote for more than one image but NOT vote more than once per image. The Mom with the most "likes" wins :)

Please send questions to ntang@wideopenwest.com

Have a very blessed week and please remember to cherish every second you spend with your beautiful Mama's (and, of course, take lots of pictures of the two of you together :) She's a pretty special lady......I'm sure you'll agree!!!

Nikki Tanguay
Serendipity Photography LLC

Our own Heavenly Angel and I :)

Our AMAZING kids and I. I LOVE being a Mom!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stunning Family

I had such a great time photographing this amazing family, who is not only BEAUTIFUL on the outside, but doubly as beautiful on the inside. This AWESOME husband & their precious little boys came for a portrait session back in November, so that they could surprise their Mama on Christmas morning with portraits of themselves, as well as, an upcoming family session (today). I was SO impressed that these little boys (ages 2 & 5) could keep such a big secret & pull off this wonderful surprise so beautifully. Fast forward to today are a few pictures of the MANY wonderful memories we captured today & the beautiful bond their family shares. The boys were SO cute & funny.....I'll give you two guesses what was so funny in a few of these pictures. One hint: it had something to do with silly words boys say @ these ages that just CRACK them up! lol Thank you for the honor Mr. & Mrs. "V" and your precious little boys. Enjoy your sneak peek. I cannot wait to show you the rest!!

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This precious little girl just turned 3 & I've had the honor of photographing her since she was a newborn. With each session we have had, she becomes more stunning & has me wrapped just a little tighter around her precious little finger :) And check out her GORGEOUS hair!! Oh what I wouldn't give to have been blessed with her beautiful locks. I had so much fun making silly faces with you sweet Miss "J". You are one VERY precious little girl.

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Birthday Girl :)

Happy 1st Birthday to this Sweet Lil' Angel. Seems like yesterday I was taking her newborn pictures & now she's not only walking, but running everywhere. Hard to believe this little peanut started walking @ 8 months old! WOW!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Miss "S".

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