Friday, July 13, 2012

Detroit Metro Teen Photographer~Our Sweet/Beautiful girl :)

Our beautiful girl turns 13 in a couple of weeks. Where does the time go?!?!?!!!!! During our photo session, MANY blessings from God were showered upon us~~my heart is SOARING!!! First, we almost didn't go out for our daughter's 13 (GULP, 13?!?!?!!!!!) year old pictures because of the dark clouds rolling in, I actually was able to talk her into wearing a DRESS (LOL), the sky not only cleared up, but the sun shined down creating the most beautiful light, our beautiful *baby* girl ROCKED her session and the icing on the cake was when we were driving out of the park and right there in a field next to the road was a deer. McKenna got out and I could NOT believe how close she was able to get to her. She even wagged her tail and @ one point, I swear she was posing for my camera :) Yeah, I have that effect even on animals :) ha ha