Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Southeast Michigan Law Enforcement/"The Ultimate Sacrifice"

The Ultimate Sacrifice not only my husband (and ALL LEO's) makes on a daily basis, but it's a sacrifice our family also makes each and every time he walks out that door!! Can you see the tears streaming down our daughter's face? My hubby stopped by our photo shoot while he was working & out of the blue, Aleah started crying when he went to leave and said she had a "bad feeling in her tummy" that ...something bad might happen to Rick @ work As much as I tried to reassure her that he'd be ok (full well, knowing that even I don't know that), she continued to cry saying "Police Officers die all the time at work and I want my Daddy to come HOME!". At only 7 years old (and with us sheltering her from these thoughts & reality), she already knows the dangers of his job and did NOT want to let him go.......(totally broke my heart) ! To all the men and women in blue, I salute you! May God bless you all and keep you safe so that you, too, can continue to come safely home into your family's loving arms. If you don't already do this, THANK an Officer each time you see one b/c these precious faces are the ones they leave behind each time they walk out that door to protect You and your family, as well as my own.